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Disposal center


At the automated disposal center, all the opertions, from entering the centre to payment, are exactly defined and operator error is impossible. The customer takes a ticket when entering the centre or brings his personal recycling card with him. Household rubbish such as cardboard, iron or electric junk, synthetics, textiles and other rubbish can be disposed of free of cost. Bulky items or, in some case, old wood are weighed and must be paid for.  The collecting container for payable materials are closed of with rolling grills which open only when the recycling card or the single-use card is held over sensor on the operating terminal. When the material is placed in the container, the rolling grill again closes. The material depositied in the container is then weighed by the container scales and the data is registered on the card. Payment takes place at the automated payment machines in the disposal centre..

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