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HKU 2300-L


The laser smoke and the dusts which occures during the laser process is sucted sucessfully with the HKU 2300-L. This happens by negative pressure directly at the production machines. The filtered air is lead by a ducting system (optional) into the outside area. The carbon filter cleans the exit air of bad odours and toxins. Due to the adjustable air capacity, large quantities of smoke and dust can easily be exhausted via the ducting system. The two filter elements are monitored electronically, and the need for changing is indicated on the display of the HKU. An impact separator (integrated in the filter element) allows a constant incoming flow. Due to this development, rough particles are separated out in advance.

An integrated water sparkling device reduces the risk of fire on the filter. The HKU 2300-L is equipped with a dust container and plastic bag, so the particles and dusts can easily be disposed.

Application area

  • Smoke(gas) and dust from laser production machines
  • Suction of plastic and paper sections, with additional separator
  • Other applications on request


  • Automatically adjustable air volume (energy saving)
  • Integrated carbon filter
  • Water-sparkling device
  • Electronic filter monitoring

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