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HKU 2000-V


The HKU 2000-V is made for the extraction of endless hot-foil stamp and paper stripes and is equipped with a shredder unit. The machine is compact and mobile and works with negative pressure. The dusty air is cleaned in the filter unit and the dust and cut-offs are collected in the underneath conveyor screw and transported via a plastic hose outside. The dis/connection of the plastic hose is via cable binder, non-stop, without effecting the production process. The plastic hose principle allows a 100% clean working process, ensuring that no dust escapes. The ergonomic removal of the filled plastic bags makes operation very simple.


  • Non-stop operation
  • Fully automatic compression of the extracted material up to 1:15 (depending on the material) 
  • Simple and dust free handling by automatic filling into a closed plastic endless bag
  • Small space and energy requirement

Application Area

  • Evacuation and compacting of endless hot foil stamp and paper stripes

Other applications on request

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