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Packaging Foils


There is a wide variety of packaging foils, ranging from simple transparent foils to thoroughly colourful ones, all of varying qualities. An important consideration here is the colour mix of the foil - the more transparent it is, the more valuable. This is clear, especially when the amount is considered - but especially important is the cleanliness of the material, that it is dry and homogenously sorted, without contaminants. After collecting and, if necessary, sorting, the foils are granulated and returned to the plastics producing industry for re-use. Other homogenously sorted foils can be utilised by the food packaging industry, as can others of pure PP (polypropylene) foil or with need-specific incorporated barrier layers made of other synthetic materials.

For the disposal of foil waste, Hunkeler Systems AG offers efficient compact solutions. Higher productivity, increased product quality at lower logistics costs and a cleaner working environment are all characteristics of the system. A mixture of non-homogenous qualities can have an unfavourable effect on recycling and needs to be avoided. Talk to us about your needs - we will be happy to advise you and show you various solutions, all of which have proved themselves many times over.

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