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Valuable secondary resource material is reliably shredded with the single-screw shredder of the new generation of the QR series. Notable features of this machine include not only an effective cutting system, an indestructible machine chassis, reliable and maintenance-free slide feed, but also the robust drive system including safety coupling. One of its more interesting technical features is the multi-function hatch. This provides fast and easy access to the cutting room and guarantees efficient emptying of the outlet as well as rapid removal of extraneous material. It also means that cleaning the plunger can be carried out in a safe and ergonomically comfortable position.       The QR-class is especially suitable for the processing of all types of synthetics, no matter the form, condition or characteristics of the material - foils, profiles, fibres, clumps, hollow forms, production waste, paper, cardboard, as well as old wood and palettes.

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