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PET-recycling unit


The PET-Recycling-Unit is used where several sizes of disposable PET-bottles need to be economically compacted, and the volume reduced, e.g. with a  baling press or a container. Due to effective compaction, transport and storage costs can be saved. When compacting PET-bottles with baling presses, the PRM is essential, because air can escape through the gaps in the bottles, enabling the bales to stick together. The PRM unit does not need the cutting or slot system, or a spike roller. This is a huge advantage, because the wear-and-tear and maintenance costs are kept very low. In the presence of rigid contaminants, like wood or metal parts, the press roll swings out so these materials fall through without damaging the PRM. 


For opening and pre-compacting full and empty PET-bottles and hollow plastic parts.


  • High bale weights due to perfectly compacted material
  • No current peaks due to frequency converter, low abrasion, long life cycle of the bearings
  • The central lubrication system has advantages: easy access to the lubrication points; sudden stand-stills can be avoided (e.g. 40% of all bearing damage is caused due to insufficient lubrication).

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