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Secure document destruction with a reliable partner

Begin: 06.06.2019
Secure document destruction with a reliable partner

Groupe Mutuel places great importance on high security when it comes to the destruction of documentation. This is not only true in connection with the physical shredding process; a high level of security on the part of the technology supplier is also required.

For the national insurance company Groupe Mutuel one of the main principles is that: „Anything on paper is highly confidential and must be treated as such“. This principle includes anything from the envelope to the medical invoice. The company want to ensure that every document containing confidential information that should be destroyed is definitely destroyed. The work of secure document destruction system is now in place in the new building located in Sion. It comprises of a compactly constructed shredding and briquetting system from Hunkeler Systeme AG. A four-shaft shredder tears the documents to particles of an acceptable maximum size of 320 mm2. This size corresponds to security level P3, as defined in Norm DIN 66399. A constant particle size is ensured by the size-defined openings in the sieve. Thanks to a slow-running shredding process, there is very little paper dust. The air is filtered of residual dust in the compact suction system HKU 1250 and returned to the room.

A press, integrated into the system, compacts the particles to briquettes with an edge length of 80×80×70 mm. Ulrich Imboden, who is responsible for the technology used by the Groupe Mutuel, considers briquetting a key component in simple, clean and secure document destruction. The space housing the shredding plant is notable for its low height. Ulrich Imboden is convinced that installing the system in the very limited available space was an outstanding achievement in engineering by Hunkeler Systeme AG. He considers the confidence he placed in the company engineers from Wikon confirmed and is already planning the next investment: in Martigny, the headquarters of the Groupe Mutuel, a new baling press will soon be replaced with a briquetting system analogous to the one in Sion, „in the interest of a simple, economic and clean process“, as Ulrich Imboden says.