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Save energy – for the sake of the environment and your budget

Begin: 27.07.2018
Save energy – for the sake of the environment and your budget

The Greenline Concept from Hunkeler Systeme AG saves on costs and respects the environment. The energy consumption of suction systems is significantly lowered, the waste heat supplies sufficient energy to heat the production rooms. Both existing and newly commissioned suction systems benefit greatly from the Greenline Concept.

Thanks to the Greenline Concept from Hunkeler Systeme AG, you will save a great deal of energy. Your annual operating costs will be considerably reduced. This investment is amortised within a very short time, be it for a new suction and compacting system or a refit of your existing system.

The Greenline Concept is based on four pillars:

• Concept and architecture of the suction system/technology;

• Automatic switch off assistant ASA;

• Energy saving system ESS;

• Recovery of waste heat from a suction and compacting system.

More suction with less air volume
Suction systems from Hunkeler Systeme AG function extremely efficiently, thanks to conduit systems designed in the correct dimensions for their purpose. For each machine, the duct diameter is adjusted for the required air volume flow. Thus, for the required suction performance, a comparatively low air volume is necessary. The relation between energy consumed and suction obtained is optimised. Because the surfaces of the conduits and the transitions between the duct elements are homogenously formed, the air can flow through the pipes without resistance. This has an additional positive influence on performance efficiency. Hunkeler Systeme AG constructs the suction systems according to the negative pressure principle; the fans are installed at the end of the system. With closed rotor discs, the fans achieve a working efficiency of 80 per cent. Compared to open rotor discs with 60 per cent working efficiency, 20 per cent more performance is achieved – using the same amount of energy.

ESS reduces energy consumption by as much as 60 per cent
The energy saving system ESS regulates the energy consumption of suction and compacting technology according to need. The fan will only transport air according to the requirements of production. According to how heavily the system is loaded, the ESS increases or lowers speed of the fans. The effect is enormous: compared to the operation of a suction system without the Energy Saving System, the ESS lowers the consumption of electrical energy by as much as 60 per cent.

Automatic Switch-off Assistent with fine sensors
Basically, a suction system consumes energy at the same level, whether it is transporting material or not. For this reason, Hunkeler Systeme AG developed the automatic switch-off assistant ASA. The ASA has the effect that a suction system is only in operation when suction is required. Sensors measure the air requirements in the conduits. If production is interrupted, if a new job is begun, if the shift is finished or if the system is unused over the weekend, the ASA switches the system off.

How you can profit thanks to ESS and ASA
With the energy saving system ESS and the automatic switch-off assistant ASA, you not only save on operating costs, you also protect the machinery. Because the performance of your system, thanks to ESS and ASA, is regulated according to exact requirements, the loading of the machinery remains comparatively low. This reduces maintenance costs and contributes to a longer working life for your suction system.

Waste heat provides a good working environment
A suction system brings with it a valuable resource: thermal energy. The warmed air allows you to heat the production rooms at low cost. In the cooler months of the year, you can dispense with other energy sources for your heating requirements. The savings that you make here are not only beneficial to your budget, but by using the thermal energy provided by your system, you are also making an enormous contribution to lowering your carbon dioxide emissions.