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Non-stop production with a compact extraction system

Begin: 29.03.2017
Non-stop production with a compact extraction system

Hunkeler Systeme AG presented the compact extraction system HKU 2000-V at Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017. The system is characterised by an endless tube in which shredded scraps of paper are collected.

The HKU 2000-V is a compact extraction system for extracting and shredding metallic foils on stamping machines or edge trims in digital production lines. Edge trims either form in transactional printing jobs, which in some places still involve paper with punched margins, or when full-bleed images are printed on web inkjet systems.

In the HKU 2000-V, an endless tube collects shredded waste-paper. The length of the tube is freely adjustable and is set via a sensor. As soon as the desired fill level is reached, the entire tube is closed with a cable tie and disconnected. During this procedure, the shredding process in the HKU 2000-V remains reliably uninterrupted. By tying off the endless tube first and then disconnecting it, the system always stays sealed – neither scraps of paper nor dust can enter the surrounding area.

In the HKU 2000-V, the ventilator is positioned at the end of the system; the system works according to the vacuum principle. Thanks to the suction effect achieved, all of the paper dust generated is guided into the filter, further facilitating a dust-free work environment. The filter is automatically cleaned by an electrically driven vibration device.