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Longstanding cooperation with Bormberger Packungen GmbH

Begin: 01.02.2019
Longstanding cooperation with Bormberger Packungen GmbH

For the last twenty years, Bromberger Packungen GmbH has worked with disposal technology from Hunkeler Systeme AG. It has been an open relationship based on partnership, a quality that this packaging company does not want to give up.

At Bromberger Packungen GmbH in Donaueschingen, Winfried Reichle is the head of Production and Finishing. He describes his relationship with Hunkeler Systeme AG as „open and based on partnership". He has known and worked with this Swiss company for nearly twenty years, and they have always advised and assisted him and his company well and reliably. A few months ago, a further step in good collaborative work was taken. Between October 2017 and January 2018, the packaging company put two new die cutters from the company Bobst into operation. The shredding, suction and compactor technology, which had been installed in 2006, was converted and adapted.

The die cutters at Bromberger Packungen GmbH process cardboard of a flat weight of up to 600 grams per square meter as well as corrugated cardboard in B-wave quality. Suction technology removes the waste in the blanking and stripping station of the Bobst machine. On both die cutters, the die cut waste is processed by a SZM 1200, a shredder developed by Hunkeler Systeme AG. Thanks to this shredding performance, even at a punch performance of 11,000 sheets per hour, stamping waste can be speedily removed from the process. From suction at the die cutter to transport-ready bales, the disposal process for the punch waste is largely automatic. The waste is taken via a cutter and a conveyor belt to a press and compacted into bales. A tipping device enables the container to be emptied in off-line modus and the punch waste is transported via a second conveyor belt to the press. An automatically controlled crane puts the bales in a storage area until they can be transported away by lorry. The high level of automatisation means low cost production operations.

But more important for Winfried Reichle is that for economical production, technology which functions reliably is crucial. He can look back on nearly twenty years of experience with Hunkeler Systeme AG’s disposal technology. Actually, he can’t remember a significant occasion where production was seriously threatened. What he does remember is how the service technicians were on site, in a very short time, when he really did need their support. Solidly constructed machines, operating security, reliable service – this is what Winfried Reichle appreciates, and what Bromberger Packungen GmbH are prepared to invest in. In the end, it is the running costs which define the economy of the production. And it is here where Hunkeler Systeme AG hold all the right advantages