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Large plant disposes of waste fully automatically

Begin: 22.05.2019
Large plant disposes of waste fully automatically

Al Nisr Publishing has equipped the printing centre near Dubai with a fully automated disposal- and compacting plant. Hunkeler Systeme AG was entrusted with the mechanical and software-engineering. Print waste, off-cuts, rest rolls and roller sleeves, wood, aluminium printing plates as well as synthetic foils are separated and sorted and then compacted in seven stationary presses.

In a printing centre outside the city of Dubai, Al Nisr Publishing produces newspapers and commercial printing jobs in coldset and
heatset techniques. The production causes large quantities of diverse waste materials. Print wastes, cut-offs from trimming drums, rest rolls and roller sleeves from the printing machines, wooden pallets, aluminium printing plates and synthetic foils are separated and sorted according to type, and then compacted in a fully automated large plant disposal system.

Fully automatic, right into the container
The Swiss engineering company, Hunkeler Systeme AG, planned, conceived and installed this large system. Included in the contract was not only the entire mechanical installation but also the development of the interfaces to the LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle). The disposal and compaction system works fully automatically from taking the waste from the respective production lines to filling different types of waste in the container. At no single point is manual intervention in the process necessary.

The appropriate conveyance method for each type of material
To dispose of the various materials as efficiently as possible, the most appropriate transport method is used: conveyor belts from
the printing machine move the printing waste; the cut-offs from the trimming drum are removed from the production area by pneumatic, negative pressure suction; aluminium printing plates, rest rolls and roll sleeves, wood pallets and foils are transported to the skips via LGV. Even printed and unprinted paper are disposed of separately.

The exact quantity of material to be recycled is always known
Seven stationary presses compact the material and transferred to a mobile container, which is then transported to the appropriate recycling point by lorry. Ten containers are always ready for the seven presses. This ensures that both production and the filling of the containers with the waste material is a nonstop operation. The weight of each of the containers is determined. Al Nisr Publishing
always knows exactly how much of each material is delivered to a contracted recycling agent.

Negative pressure assures efficient suction technology
The suction technology that is connected to the trimming drum functions with the proven negative pressure principle. The fan is placed at the end of the system. In comparison to a system working with positive pressure, a higher degree of efficiency is achieved. Furthermore, the suction effect ensures that the paper dust is completely removed by the filter system and cannot return to the work area. The cleaned transport air is then fed back into the production area. All the disposal and compaction components are connected via secure line with the service department at Hunkeler Systeme AG. The service technicians can access the controls at any time, and are thus able to give valuable to the operating personnel at Al Nisr Publishing when necessary.

On the market since 35 years
Al Nisr Publishing is a publishing company with its headquarters in Dubai. The company was founded in 1984 and, a year later, took
over the newspaper title Gulf News from the previous founder and owner. Al Nisr Publishing issues another ten publications.