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Hunkeler Innovationdays, Lucerne (Switzerland)

Begin: 31.10.2018
Hunkeler Innovationdays, Lucerne (Switzerland)

Two Premiers in Lucerne

At the Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019, from 25th to 28th of February 2019, Hunkeler Systeme AG premieres the Cutting Module SSM-570 and the Compact Suction Unit HKU 2000-N.

SSM-570 shreds stamping grids
The Cutting Module SSM-570 is designed for the removal and shredding of stamping grids downstream from the punches. During punch operation, rotating rollers guide the stamping grids to the cutting blade. A conveyor belt removes the shredded scrap web residue from the working area. At the moment, the maximum operating web width for the SSM-570 is 570mm. At Hunkeler Innovationdays, the new Cutting Module will be switched on downstream from a rotating punch press, BSR 550 Servo from the company Bograma AG.

HKU 2000-N: nonstop operation on low space requirements
The new Compact Suction Unit HKU 2000-N ensures nonstop operation on an extremely small floor area with only one waste container. When changing a full container for an empty one, the paper waste is held back in a short-term buffer. Production can continue without interruption.

Widely diversified technology in daily use
As well as these two new products, Hunkeler Systeme AG is running a central suction system at their booth. In addition, systems for the secure destruction of files and electronic data carriers will be presented. With other exhibitors, there will be a total of ten HKU-compact suction units in action. The web de-dusting module PEM connected to inkjet web-feed machines will also be demonstrated in daily use at the Innovationdays.