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Central banks specialists and securities printers meet in Wikon

Begin: 27.09.2017
Central banks specialists and securities printers meet in Wikon

On the 26th and 27th September, Hunkeler Systeme AG hosted their Open Days 2017 event at their headquarters in Wikon (LU). The focal point of the event was on technology for the secure destruction of banknotes and other securities.

National banks and bank note printers in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the American continent all work with systems from Switzerland. During the Open Days event, Hunkeler Systeme AG demonstrated a shredding and compaction plant that the US-American securities printer Crane Currency has ordered for their newly constructed production site in Malta. Crane Currency, by their own count, print bank notes by the order of over 50 central banks.

A high security system
The shredding and compaction plant will be constructed in Wikon. Hunkeler Systeme AG has invested a great deal of know-how in the development of a granulator. The granulator reduces the pre-shredded securities to particles with a diameter of six millmetres. The particles are then compacted in a press to briketts.

A workflow management software monitors the secure destruction of the securities. Only authorised members of staff have access to the system. Access is via finger print and a numeric identification code. The software constantly compares the amount of input material with the shredded output material. Each step of the process is logged in job-reporting and can be traced exactly.

Puncher invalidates bank notes
Bank notes can be invalidated at decentralised sites (individual bank branches) with a manually operated bank note punch HBP100. A hydraulically operated punch module can cut through bundles of notes of up to ten millimetres thickness. 

A Delegation from the Swiss National Bank
Hunkeler Systeme AG’s Open Days 2017 had a very international character. As well as 50 visitors from Switzerland, 30 foreign guests also travelled to Wikon. Among our visitors were commercial and technical specialists from national banks and securities printers. A delegation from the Swiss National Bank also attended the Open Days event.

Hunkeler Systeme AG was most pleased with the success of the event. Interesting contacts and promising conversations have given the company hope that one or the other contract will be awarded in the near future.