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Banky Foibent'l Madagasikara

Begin: 27.09.2019
Banky Foibent'l Madagasikara

Banky Foibent'l Madagasikara decided for 6 destruction lines from Hunkeler Systeme

The BFM has recently announced their decision to purchase 6 destruction lines for usage in their local branches. The security of bank notes transportation and the enlargement of the local storage for banknotes were a challenge for the bank. Finally the investment went into 6 Hunkeler destruction lines that will pay off in a short time.

The bank had very clear specification and requirements; the very small foot-print available in the local branches and a fully automated system with load and leave conveyor was demanded. The bank notes have to be destroyed to particles with the DIN security level P4.
3 systems will have the capacity of 100kg/h with two containers/bags on the outlet and 3 systems will have a capacity of 250kg/h with integrated briquetting presses. All systems have slightly different layouts within two separate rooms for shredding and briquetting/bag filling and are engineered according to the local demand of the bank. To ensure highest security level, the Hunkeler PVS/BVS control system is an integrated part of the order and allows the bank to monitor the full process. In addition, it controls the access levels for the operators, security personal and service technicians. Hunkeler Systeme could fulfill the customers demand with the new designed compact entry level destruction solution.