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Arkhbum Tissue Group, Istra, Russia

Begin: 26.11.2019
Arkhbum Tissue Group, Istra, Russia

Arkhbum Tissue Group is one of the largest corrugated cardboard processing companies in Russia. 4 corrugated cardboard processing centres, Podolsk, Istra-1, Istra-2 and Voronezh, belong to Arkhbum. With the commissioning of the Voronezh centre in December 2018, Arkhum became a potential Russian market leader in the corrugated cardboard packaging manufacture.
The annual manufacturing capacity amounts to 1 billion m² of corrugated cardboard.

Production waste and dust is removed automatically from 2 corrugating machines BHS and 6 production machines with the aid of air pressure. The waste is automatically compressed into bales in a baling press, the dust laden production air is cleaned in the filter system and the dust-free transport air is returned to the production area. The central extraction system is equipped for 100% back-up.

Collection points 1. Conveyor belt front mounted above funnel
    (for the die punch machine).
2. Corrugating machinery BHS, 2 units.
    (production speed: 300m/min, 5.833m/s)
3. Shredder HL160 1 unit.
Material/ quantity Corrugated cardboard up to 500g/m², volume flow total in m³/h 39,500
Task type Automatic conveyor belt and extraction system
Through-put capacity Baling press performance approx. 5T/h at 20kg/m3 bulk weight.
Air volume 40‘000 m³/h
Particulars / Customer benefits Productivity, dust-free production, energy